Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The reds are marching!

So we begin day 19 of Shih Ming Deh's campaign to have the current president of Taiwan, Chen Sui Bian, step down under one-sided allegations from the opposition party KMT. But does this really begin with the KMT? Looking at the bigger picture, it's very plausable that Communist China is playing a large part in this whole fiasco to disrupt the democratic country of Taiwan. In a campaign where colors have so much symolism and meaning, it's interesting to think about the correlation between the red color picked by Shih and the Communists in China. The color red was picked for a reason. Shih pledges to maintain the sit-in campaign until A-Bian steps down.

Just yesterday, the People's First Party (PFP), a party with very close ties to the KMT, within the legislature submitted a motion to recall the president. Does the opposition really think that the Taiwanese people will forget the first failed recall of the president in June? They didn't have the numbers the first time, they won't have the numbers second time. During the push for the first recall, TVBS and CTI news channels made it seem for a month that the recall had potential and was gaining momentum. Of course, it was all a show. The recall failed miserably, and wasted everyone's time, especially those of the average Taiwanese citizen. So with the beginning of another recall, comes the opportunity for TVBS and CTI to fabricate more news because Shih's on going campaign is losing its momentum.

So as Shih's sit-in continues to feed lunch boxes to the homeless in Taipei, the Reds have also proposed a long march around Taiwan using buses. They plan to circle Taiwan and arrive back in Taipei for the KMT's birthday on October 10. As Taiwan spirals down this self destructive path, China is sitting by and waiting for their opportunity. When will Taiwanese people wake up and see that there is nothing that can be gained from reunification with China? We are a democratic society and culturally different people from what we find on the Mainland. If we falter, or make the wrong decision, China will capitalize. If we continue to allow the KMT and the Reds to futher plunge our country into a state of chaos, China can use their Anti-Seccession Law, as ridiculous of a law as it is, to invade Taiwan. That is not an option for Taiwan.

If Taiwan were apart of China, would Shih's campaign even be allowed to exist past one day, let alone 18 days? Would they be able to assemble in front of the Chairman Hu's office and demand that he step down if they were dissatisfied with him? Could they take a media produced bus tour around the country in an attempt to depose Chairman Hu? Would a legislature be allowed to twice attempt a recall? The answer to all of these questions is an obvious no. Members of the government and even more so, regular citizens would be locked up and who knows how many brutally killed if Taiwan were as red as the KMT and Shih hope. Where does the KMT think it can fit into the Communist party? The KMT love to say that they are doing this for the people of Taiwan and for democracy. Don't be fooled. Go out and speak your mind and let the Reds hear Taiwan's true voice. Let's make enough noise to send them back to China!


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