Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pan-blues endanger the Taiwanese people again and again

Two problems currently exist in Taiwan and are greatly hampering our ability to accurately show how stable of a country we actually are. The first is the KMT dominated legislature and the second would be the KMT dominated media. The first group has been able to successfully do almost nothing the entire 6 years that Chen Sui Bian has been in office. Of course, it's with a purpose that the KMT refuse to discuss anything of substance on the legislative floor. That is unless it pertains to opposing the DPP and TSU. Their whole game plan is to push all the blame of society's woes on Chen Sui Bian and make him look incapable of improving Taiwan. The KMT friendly media , with their multiple news channels, papers, radio stations consistently try to fool the entire country into thinking Taiwan is on the brink of collapse and the only people to blame are the DPP.

On Tuesday (9/26), the PFP placed a second motion to recall the president of Taiwan. The first heavily touted KMT recall happened just earlier this summer in June. In case you haven't heard, nothing came of it except a lot of TVBS and CTI media hype. KMT legislators refused to talk about flood relief packages that were much needed throughout Taiwan due to torrential rains occurring at the time, until the recall was discussed. The recall was the KMT's only focus. But was it the focus of the people of Taiwan? No, it was not. And these are the people that are supposed to be representing the Taiwanese people. Give me a break. The KMT mention the people in every public speech and every interview, but their actions and criticisms hardly back the people let alone help them out in anyway.

The main reason that this second recall should worry the Taiwanese people is not that the KMT would waste national resources on another highly improbable recall. What Taiwanese should be worried about is that the new weapons procurement package totalling NT$6.3 billion (US$197 million), a revision from the previous arms package deemed too expensive by the KMT, was once again excluded. Let me be clear about something. I don't support violence and I don't think guns are the solution. But let's be realistic, in today's US dominated world guns and ammo are still important. Taiwan needs arms not because we want to go to war, but because we want to protect ourselves. Taiwan needs US manufactured weapons as a deterrent to China's increasing threats, not for first strike capabilities. And let's be honest, if we want our relations to improve with the US, buying that many US weapons, new or outdated, will make their ears much more open to what we have to say. We can't expect the US to come and rush to our aide in case China attacks if we don't make some sort of effort on our side to show that we are committed to our defense as well.

The KMT legislature has refused to even discuss the issue of arms procurement on the legislative floor over forty times. Instead of making any sort of plans to improve our safety, which with the creation of China's Anti-Secession Law is now much more in jeopardy, the KMT say that the people want a referendum to see if Chen Sui Bian should step down. The KMT claim to represent the people of Taiwan, when in reality, they only represent an extremely wealthy and corrupt minority with too much power and influence. They use their news channels to make you think that the Reds are everywhere and that our country is about to collapse. They are not and it is not. Do national defense and security effect everyone on this island, green or blue? Yes. Should it be discussed and improved as much as possible? Yes. Will the KMT stop wasting their and our time and money to really help out Taiwan? No. That's why it's left to the real people of Taiwan, people like you and I, to make our voices be heard.


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At 11:12 PM , Anonymous Tiffknee said...

the blues don't do anything but thwart goddamn political progress.

by the way, hello from kaohsiung!

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I like your articles very much, and read them almost everyday.
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