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No Communication Commission

The National Communication Commission (NCC-
國家通訊傳播委員會) was established on February 22, 2006 under the pretense that it would regulate the information, communications and broadcasting industry. The NCC claims to be an independent agency; however it is a part of the Executive Yuan and its members are appointed according to the ratio of the legislative seats held by each party. Since the legislature has always been dominated by the KMT, the NCC has been nothing more than a tool for the KMT in silencing opposing voices. The latest report by the NCC, which was then followed by proposed draft regulations, puts into serious question the effectiveness and impartiality of the agency.

Statistics released on Monday (2/2) by the NCC show that Da Hua News (
大話新聞) received the most complaints from TV viewers about its content and statistics, while Boss Talk (頭家來開講) came in second. Amongst pan-green viewers, both shows are highly popular and allow the opportunity for some alternative programming and news. These two shows are in sharp contrast to the shows regularly seen on blue stations such as TVBS, CTI (中天), ETTV (東森), or ERA (年代). The NCC claims that complaints included shows inviting pundits who had no background in finance or economics that gave "inflated" or "false" statistics about the economy and made "sensational remarks" without citing evidence. The NCC did not provide any specifics, but it's safe to assume that the NCC probably did not check financial or economic backgrounds of the TV viewers that lodged the complaints. Sort of makes a difference if the person complaining has two PHDs or is just a viewer with an opposing political view.

The NCC said that last year it received about 1,300 complaints concerning public broadcasts. More than 1,100 of them dealt with TV programs. Amongst the cable news channels, according to NCC numbers, SET News (
三立新聞), ETTV News (東森新聞) and CTI News (中天新聞) received the most complaints. SET, which happens to be one of the two pan-green channels, had more than 60 complaints. ETTV and CTI had 31 and 20 complaints respectively. The NCC did not make public the nature of the complaints.

Using these complaints as an excuse the NCC on Monday (2/2) approved a draft amendment to the Satellite Radio and Television Law (
衛星廣播電視法). The proposed amendment plans to set stricter regulations on TV news and comments during talk show programs. The NCC said news and talk shows must "follow fact-checking procedures and the principles of equality." Under the new law, channels would be required to remove programs if they were decided by the KMT, sorry, NCC to have repeatedly broken the law. The original law previously penalized both channel and cable TV service providers if programs made violations. The new regulations would only have the channel penalized.

One of the only positive aspects of the proposed changes is the plan to limit the use of "placement marketing" or "embedded marketing." Placement marketing refers to the practice of the government, political parties, or the military footing the bill for programs that are in support of a specific government policy or political candidate. The NCC has proposed that embedded marketing be prohibited in news channels and channels for children or young adults. If the amendment passes, TV stations will be required to inform viewers prior to the broadcast if the program is produced or sponsored by any government organization or a specific political campaign.

So basically, a KMT proposed amendment from a KMT dominated NCC must now pass through the KMT infested legislature. Wonder what the outcome will be? The new changes would see channels be fined between NT$400,000 (US$11,800) and NT$2 million. If channels disagree with the KMT's NCC and choose to appeal, the channels would have to present evidence to the contrary of wrongdoing. The NCC has said that no particular program will be targeted, but it does not take a brain surgeon to see that Da Hua News (
大話新聞) and Boss Talk (頭家來開講) are going to be in for a turbulent ride. Former cabinet spokesman, Hsieh Zhi-wei (謝志偉), host of Boss Talk, had said the new changes would not affect the way he speaks in anyway.

From its conception, the NCC has been nothing more than an extension of the KMT media propaganda control mechanism. How can a commission that is based on the ratio of seats held in the legislature be truly independent? If one of the purposes of the NCC is to remove politics from the media, shouldn't we first remove politics from the NCC? Taiwan's once open and free media has already seen the KMT exert pressure and manipulation at the Public Television Service (PTS-
公視), the Central News Agency (CNA-中央社) and Radio Taiwan International (RTI-中央廣播電台). The KMT are in a mad scramble to control all media in Taiwan in an attempt to cover up the fact that Ma Ying Jeou (馬英九) and his administration are completely clueless and lost. Media control or no media control, the Taiwanese have discovered a voice, and this voice can no longer be silenced, communication commission or no communication commission.


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口說無憑 怎說服人



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At 11:49 PM , Blogger Eric said...

to the person above that mentioned the salmonella poisoning in the US. what does salmonella have anything to do with the melamine milk powder (毒奶粉)? the peanut butter manufacturers in the US did not INTENTIONALLY put in salmonella. that's a huge difference! the chinese companies INTENTIONALLY added melamine (三聚氰胺) to artificially increase protein levels.

adding salmonella isn't going to help US sales of peanut butter, that's for sure. and in the US there has been a complete recall of all the contaminated peanut butter. no US company would purposefully put in salmonella into peanut butter. as seen with the recent deaths it's not like the slower acting melamine that the Chinese used.

melamine (三聚氰胺) is STILL a problem in China today, and you guys have had this problem since 2007. the Chinese government KNOWINGLY let melamine laced milk powder be given to Chinese children for over a year just to keep the bad press from hitting before the 2008 Olympics. how can you not get mad at your OWN government (CHINA) for putting over 300,000 chinese kids in the hospital?

your comparison of the salmonella outbreak in the US and the melamine scandal (三聚氰胺) is like comparing apples and oranges.

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中國的毒奶則是 一直繼續外賣

To Eric,
I have no idea what is this guy's intention here. But, I think he/she is picking a fight, maybe he/she is this so called internet police. The same old trick you can see in youtube a lot. Really sick!!


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版主不說話 我也不應該太超過


對了 我英文很草包
中文也沒學好 是真的

還有 別動不動拿阿扁出來當檔箭牌



At 12:11 PM , Blogger Eric said...

路人, thanks for you comments. 不用理這個簡體字的,因為他一定是中國的網軍,倘若不是,那他時間也太多了吧?!路人~不要浪費你自己的時間跟這個網軍一直辯,因為他上班是有薪水的耶!哈哈哈.......

and to the 簡體字的網軍,"comparing apples and oranges" (美國的理由) is an american saying. it means that you comparing salmonella and melamine is totally off base. i mean, you cannot make that comparison.

the american government did not spread or allow the intentional sale of salmonella contaminated peanut butter after it discovered the contamination. the CHINESE government, i repeat, knowingly allowed melamine-laced milk powder (毒奶粉) to be sold to the CHINESE public. if you want to write to anyone 簡體字的網軍, write to 你自己的政府!講一句坦白話,今天如果你寫信給你的政府,我們再來看看你們的政府會不會鳥你?!

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Dumb Americans like you should learn how to shut the fuck up and mine ur own business. Why don't you go back to ur country and fix the economy or debate about gay marriage.

At 10:57 AM , Blogger Eric said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:31 AM , Blogger Eric said...

Dumb Americans like you should learn how to shut the fuck up and mine ur own business. Why don't you go back to ur country and fix the economy or debate about gay marriage."

Wow, I'm impressed at the level of intelligence (or complete and utter lack of) you showed with this amazingly insightful (painfully simplistic) bit of advice.

And Einstein, I'm Taiwanese. I am in my country.

Let's debate about how you're a fucking coward instead. Leave your name if you're going to tell me to fuck off muhfucka.

But I want to end with this, thanks for reading my blog. I started it for oh so special people like you. Thanks for hating.

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我觉得很搞笑的是,台湾人承认自己不是中国人,中文不好,但你们为什么还用中国的繁体字,还能听懂我们大陆人说的中文,写得简体字,而且,ERIC,你是ABC,哦,,不好意思,应该称呼你ABT,,其实作为一个大陆普通人,我真无所谓你对台湾这个IDENTITY的坚持,我也不在乎这些,你也可以每天说一百遍大陆的不好,但是,请你们台南人下次示威民主时,有点素质,不要用暴力伤害老人,你也作为一个美国人,这方面也一定不能忍受,是吧?你别说不是哦,哪怕你在独,你也是个人,你也有基本良知,对了,DUDE,if u don't like any comments from mainlanders,i wont bother u any more, have good day, buddy, actually i like yankees, like their accents, but not annoying jerks fuckin' with mainlanders all the time,,take it easy, focus on ur goddamn tiny taiwan things, enjoy it, man,,u r the next super taiwanese guru, 还有那个繁体字的,台吧子路人,,,YOU FUCKIN' tainanese douchbag, PACK UR fuckin' PINKIE AND GO fuckin' do the AUTO-erotic Asphyxiation

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