Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ma Ying Jeou and Taiwan Need to Wake Up

Ma Ying Jeou in hopes to make himself pretty for Taiwanese voters in 2008 has just completed an overly hyped trip to the United States. During his trip, Ma insisted that Taiwan will be a "peacemaker and not a troublemaker." Ma hopes to do this by pleasing China in whatever way he can. He's ready to jumpt through the hoops for Communist China. If this means selling out Taiwan, Ma will do that in a heartbeat. Ma has his sights set on the preidency of Taiwan in 2008, even though he didn't have enough guts to even admit that on an interview on BBC's "Hard Talk" several weeks back in London. He'll say anything, never answer anything and consistently flip flop on issues all in attempt to get more votes.

In the article, "Ma reassures U.S., China over stability on PRC issues," (3/25/06) released by the Associated Press, Ma said that if Taiwan had closer ties with China, it will make the US military role easier and less complicated in East Asia. The reason that the situation is so serious and dangerous in East Asia is 100 percent the fault of China and its hallow threats. What does Ma Ying Jeou propose to do to counter the Chinese? Closer ties with the one country that is openly hostile towards Taiwan. Apart from that, how in the world would a democratically developed country, one such as Taiwan, fit into the scheme of communist China? Are Ma Ying Jeou and the rest of the KMT ready to give up their rights to openly criticize and protest against the government? Are the KMT ready to give up their precious nightly tv show spots where they do nothing but criticize the DPP? Well, if we become part of China, all the freedoms and perks that the KMT enjoy in Taiwanese society will in the blink of an eye disappear, plain and simple.

The article also talks about how Ma's press club apprearence was greeted by many happy attendees. The article contrasts Ma's visit with former Taiwanese president Lee Tung Hui last year. It mentions how there were dozens of protestors calling Lee Tung Hui traitor and troublemaker last year during Lee's US visit. What they don't tell you is that many of these protestors are from mainland China or supports of the Chinese KMT. China wants to paint a picture that there are really all these angry protestors showing up by their own free will to protest the horrible injustice of the Taiwanese people standing up and deterimining their own sovereignty.

One important piece of information that the Chinese seem to leave out is the fact that they frequently have to pay these protestors to show up and to carry signs. When dictators like Hu Jin Tao are met by thousands of protestors to protest Chinese policies on Taiwan, Tibet or Xin Jiang, it's real people standing up for real inequalities. When Chinese protestors show up, it's to get a payoff and continue the Chinese propaganda puppet show. Too bad the rest of the world can see China pulling all their own strings. The Red Dragon isn't so impressive anymore is it?

Ma loves contradicting himself. His latest trip to the US just confirms it more. While in the US, he talked of Taiwan being a peacemaker on one side, and then talked to the US about buying arms on the other. It's also very interesting that Ma Ying Jeou and the KMT suddenly want to buy arms now from the US, when the KMT dominated legislature has turned down the proposed arms bill in Taiwan 42 consecutive times. That's right, 42 consecutive times the KMT has failed to stand up and make any sort of move to protect the Taiwanese people. Only now because the 2008 presidential election is coming, does Ma Ying Jeou being to talk about better protecting Taiwan. Don't be fooled by they lies. This is also the person that had the gall to say that Taiwan needs more poeple like Chinese Dictator Hu Jin Tao. Taiwan needs more people like Hu Jin Tao like the world needs more garbage and pollution.

At the Brookings Institution, Ma actually urged Taiwan's political parties to work out a solution to the impasse on the weapons package soon. Isn't he the chairman of the leading opposition party? He should take his own advice and actually try to act like a chairman and lead. That would lead to a solution. But if that happened, that would make the DPP look good, and that's the last thing Ma wants. So, the KMT will continue not to do anything except oppose the DPP on every issue to purposely keep Taiwan from improving. Ma thinks that by buying different weapons it will make it his idea to protect Taiwan. Ma Ying Jeou said the island's defenses really need an overhaul. What really needs and overhaul is the out of touch "Gentleman" Ma Ying Jeou, sorry, I meant 'Gentle' Ma and the KMT.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Treason is defined as the crime of disloyalty to one's nation. A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor. 'Honorary' Chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, Lien Chan fits this definitition in every way, shape, and form. Lien for the second time is guilty of treason against Taiwan with his highly televised and highly pointless meeting with Communist Hu Jin Tao.

Lien Chan has successfully made the switch now from being a two time presidential loser in the 2000 and 2004 Taiwan elections to one of Taiwan's premier sellouts. He is quickly blazing a trail to China for fellow pan-blue members to follow in their quest to become loyal servants of Chinese president Hu Jin Tao. Actually, the more appropriate term would be Chinese dictator. Lien Chan's "Sellout Taiwan Campaign" started last year after the Chinese Communist Party put it's best brains together to come up with one of the stupidest laws of all time, the Anti-Secession Law.

An enormous buzz was created by the Chinese when this proposal was put to an arranged vote within the rubberstamp National People's Congress of Communist China. It subsequently passed, no big suprise, and there by created just another obstacle that Taiwan will have to overcome. Basically, China with the Anti-Secession fallacy gives ITSELF the right to attack Taiwan using non-peaceful means if Taiwan were ever to formally declare
de jure independence.

Let's be honest, what law in China wouldn't pass? Dictator Hu could make a law saying that all Chinese should eat shit, and that would pass. China's a communist country where your vote doesn't count and doesn't matter. The Chinese do not enjoy the basic freedom of expression or human rights that we in the democratic world enjoy. Yet, for some reason, the Chinese Kuomintang are lining up and taking numbers to become mere pawns in on of the most corrupt governments in history.

Habitual presidential loser Lien Chan and Communist Dictator Hu recently concluded another round of pointless, highly televised meetings in Communist China last week. The purpose of these meetings are solely to confuse and shift focus away from the real issues that concern Taiwan. One of the issues dicussed was eliminating tariffs for four Taiwanese grown fruits: oranges, lemons, dragon fruits and canteloupes. This now brings the grand total to 22 Taiwanese produced fruits that can be shipped to China duty free. The Chinese Communist propoganda news, as well as KMT supported media, love saying that these fruits will make everything better. Once again, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Looking at Taiwan's entire economy, ALL of agriculture combined only accounts for 2 percent of Taiwan's total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Adding these four measily fruits to the mix in reality does absolutely nothing. In fact, domestic prices of fruits have been on the rise in recent years due to this dumping of fruits in China.

During their latest meeting, Dictator Hu actually was able to saw with a straight face that, "only by opposing Taiwan's independence forces can we eliminate the biggest threat harming the peaceful and stable development of ties across the straight." Did he already forget that Anti-Secession law so quickly? Did he forget about the 800-plus ballistic missles that are pointed towards Taiwan at this very moment? What about the hundreds of thousands Communist Chinese troops stationed along the eastern coast of China? Taiwanese people that know the truth and support the reality of Taiwanese independence are not the threat. Hu Jin Tao, your guns, missles and backwards thinking are the most serious threat that exists across the Taiwan Straits.

Lien Chan travels to China to further his own interests and his own interests only. How can he dare mention the Taiwanese people when he does not represent them in any way? After losing much of the KMT's stolen wealth and TWO presidential elections during his time as KMT Chairman, the KMT have now made him 'Honorary' Chairman. In other words, they had nothing left for him to do so they created a position for him. He does not represent any Taiwanese government or citizen when he goes on these kowtowing trips to China. Taiwan has no use for sellouts like Lien Chan. If the KMT are so eager to see One China why don't they move over to the one and only China because this here is Taiwan. Traitors get the hell out!