Saturday, May 06, 2006

China's Big Victory

Taiwanese president Chen Sui Bian has currently begun his fifth trip to Latin America since he assumed the position in 2000. And with this trip, as with all the others, China is up in arms and has once again stuck its dirty little nose in everyone else's business. What was so important that China had to call on the U.S. and Lebanon at the last minute? Chen Sui Bian's airplane refueling schedule of course. It's nice to see that China has asserted itself in the international community as a beacon of leadership by wasting time and energy worrying about where Chen Sui Bian is going to refuel his plane. It's good to see the mighty Red Dragon with its priorities in check.

What makes this story even more ridiculous is that countries actually listen to the Communists. The United States, the mighty defender of global democracy, answered Taiwan's original request to refuel in New York City, with the sole option of stopping in Anchorage, Alaska. It's interesting to note that the U.S. continues to fight unjust wars that kill thousands and thousands of innocent people all in the name of democracy, but when one of the most democratic places in all of Asia looks for assistance, suddenly the U.S. turns a blind eye. Lebanon quickly bowed to Chinese pressures not to allow Chen to refuel, thus, Chen's envoy refueled instead at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab of Emirates.

In the end, China's political maneuvering and diplomatic genius accomplished its ulitmate goal of changing Chen Sui Bian's flight refueling pattern. Score another huge victory for the masterful Chinese. However, since Chen Sui Bian is currently in Latin America as I write this, I guess all their bitching and moaning in the end was nothing more than a big waste of time. This episode is just another example of the Chinese government in all its efficiency and glory.

With all the press about Chen's flight schedule, many local Taiwanese have looked at the U.S.'s response as a souring between Taiwan-U.S. relations. This treatment by the US should be seen as a sign of respect. Many people have contrasted the treatment received by Chen Sui Bian, with KMT Chairman, Ma Ying Jeou's April visit to the U.S. this year. During Ma's trip, the news made it seem like Ma was warmly welcomed everywhere he went. Let's be honest, the only reason that Ma Ying Jeou's visit got so much press is that no one, in the Chinese or U.S. government, is scared of the Ma or his KMT. Everyone can see how eager Ma and his KMT are to please the Chinese government. With their frequent mentioning of reunification, pandas, and duty free fruits, the KMT are not a threat to anyone except the Taiwanese people. The KMT will never stand up for, let alone fight for Taiwan, and that's exactly what China and the US want. They want a spineless lapdog that will be their puppet and that will keep quiet. Well, Ma Ying Jeou is their perfect "gentle" man.

Chen Sui Bian and the Taiwanese people scare the Chinese and US governments. Taiwan has consistently been denied membership in international organizations like the United Nations or the World Health Organization. Every time our story is told, a million more lies are spread by the Chinese propoganda machine. Despite the great wall, the Taiwanese continue to stand up for what they believe in and will not be scared away. We've turned our tiny island into one of the most successful economies in the world, where human rights and democracy are respected and practiced in spite of China's enormous efforts to quiet our roar. China can only resort to annoying propoganda and media tricks to counter our passion and conviction. As the Chinese continue to focus on things like flight schedules, free pandas and censorship of ideas and free speech, the Taiwanese will continue to spread the truth until it is heard by everyone.