Friday, May 04, 2007

KMT names Ma, possible criminal, as presidential candidate

The Central Standing Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang on May 2, 2007 officially announced former Chairman Ma, who is currently facing corruption charges, as its official candidate for the 2008 Taiwanese presidential election.

That's right, currently facing corruption charges stemming from abuses with his special allowance fund. The day charges were officially brought against Ma, was the day the KMT changed their by-laws so that a possible crook could run for the presidency. Ma Ying Jeou has even had the nerve to say that if he is convicted of being a criminal, he will still run for the presidency. Is this the best the KMT has to offer? A criminal as a presidential candidate? Well, I guess looking through KMT history we see a pattern developing. Chiang Kai Shek, Chiang Ching Kuo, Lien Chan, and James Soong were all crooks. In that sense, Ma Ying Jeou is the perfect candidate for the KMT.

Ma Ying Jeou announced at the press conference that he will invite Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to be his running mate. Along with this, he spelled out his fairy tale economic vision for the country with a promise to improve the lives of all Taiwanese people. Wow, if Ma Ying Jeou can improve the lives of ALL Taiwanese people, why is he stopping with only Taiwan? He should become president of the world, so he can improve the lives of the entire human race.

The press conference followed with Ma actually mentioning that sharply increasing suicide rates since the transfer of power in 2000 highlight the plight ordinary people in Taiwan have been facing. He's blatantly saying that since Chen Sui Bian has been president, more people are killing themselves. Are you kidding me? Show me one study that finds this correlation Mr. Ma! There are none because he just made it up. So basically, Ma Ying Jeou is saying if he becomes president, people will stop killing themselves in Taiwan. Has he completely lost his mind?

If you want to use this type of logic Ma, how about this comparison. Which party has killed more Taiwanese people, the KMT or DPP? The KMT hands down with 2/28 and the White Terror. But then, let's not talk about history or the truth because that would make the KMT look like a bunch of murders, theives, and dirty politicians. That's why one of Ma Ying Jeou's slogans is "Taiwan walk forward" or "taiwan wang qian zou." Tell me Ma, how can you walk forwards if you don't know where you came from? The KMT want to brainwash you into thinking that history doesn't effect us today and that 2/28 and the White Terror happened so long ago, so why bother talking about it.

Ma then proceeded to spell out his cross-straits economic plan. Ma said that he would first remove the 40 percent cap that is placed on Taiwanese businesses on investing in mainland China in his attempt to stimulate the economy. He also said the he would lure Taiwanese businessmen back to the island. Removing the 40 percent cap will just increase the flight of capital from Taiwan at an even quicker pace. If we have even more Taiwanese corporations relocating to China in search of lower costs, what exactly will Taiwanese businessmen want to come back to Taiwan for?

Ma Ying Jeou's plans to appease China by completely opening Taiwan up to the Chinese is a mistake. China is a hostile country that has over 800 missles pointed at Taiwan. They even had to create their own law, the Anti-Sessession Law, giving themselves the right to attack Taiwan in an event that Taiwan formally declares independence. Ma Ying Jeou and the KMT are more than willing to be dogs for the Chinese Communist Party. If they're in such a hurry to go back to the glorious mainland, the mainland that they were incidentally kicked out of by the CCP, then by all means, go ahead. Ma Ying Jeou is just another crook in a long line of crooks that is the KMT. Don't be fooled by their lies and their cheap tabloid media.